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Consumer Mailing Lists Frequently Asked Questions

What Format Can I Have The Data In?

We will endeavour to supply your mailing list to you in the format that you require. The most popular file types are listed below:

  • .csv (Comma Separated Variable)
  • .txt (Text Delimited File)
  • .xls (Microsoft Excel)
  • .mdb (Microsoft Access Database)

Your mailing list can be supplied by E-mail, CD ROM or on Labels

How Clean Is The Data?

Our mailing lists are covered by warranty numbers, covered by DMA membership and passed through the Mailing Preference Service (MPS), Telephone Preference Service (TPS), Fax Preference Service (FPS) and the Royal Mail PAF file every 28 days. This is in addition to the continual telephone research, questionnaire input and mail return updates.

What Data Guarantee Is Provided?

All inhouse mailing lists carry a 98% deliverability guarantee.

What Response Rate Will I Receive?

Each individual direct marketing campaign has so many factors i.e. the data, creativity, product, message, market etc. You should be examining the percentage required to justify the exercise and then seek the best response by using innovative marketing techniques. Remember not everyone that does not respond is a negative. Re-mailing often brings more responses.

Why Consumer Mailing Lists?

We are a well established company, our directors having over 40 years experience within the mailing list industry.

Consumer Mailing Lists offer FREE Counts, FREE Quotes and FREE Advice

We will provide a delivery time of hours, NOT DAYS. Our sales team offer the most practical, unbiased advice and will help you to identify your market accurately allowing you to increase response rates and repeat customers.

Who Has Used The Lists?

Below are just a few of our previous customers include;

Fiat | Jaguar | Lloyds Of London | Philips | Department Of Environment | I.O.D. | Ingersol | Chrysler | Cadburys | Oxfam | R.N.I.B. | Severn Trent | Macmillan Trust | Reuters | Zurich Financial | Wellcome Trust | Vodaphone | Sun Finance | B.B.C.

and many, many more.

Multiple Use Or Rental?

Rental allows you to mail the information ONCE ONLY.

Rental including telephone numbers allows you to mail and telephone ONCE ONLY.

Multiple use allows you to use the data as many times as required for a period of ONE YEAR ONLY.

Are Your Prices Competetive?

Yes, we provide the most competitive prices within the the mailing list market place.

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